Transforming Nutrition Care

Paige Reddan MS RD LN CEDRD-S

A positive approach for your mental and physical health

Paige's Approach

Twenty-some years ago I thought I wanted to become a Registered Dietitian to help people come to terms with their relationship with food and live healthier lives. The truth is I did it for me. And as a result I discovered a way to live free from preoccupation with food, guilt that accompanies bingeing, shame that follows and fear that food would rule my world forever. I discovered that the relationship I had with my body was vital to my happiness. And simply, happiness depended on changing my relationship with food.

My journey began by learning the biochemistry of metabolism, understanding the basic human need for fuel and concluded with grasping the complexities of a most fundamental human relationship - the one we have with food.

Simply, I began to see the difference between food as fuel and food as, well, just about anything else - comfort, control, pacifier, antagonizer, best friend, worst enemy, reward, punishment and nearly everything in between. We no longer spend our time hunting and gathering. Food has become something we fill our time with. Consequently our bodies are filled with untold numbers of caloric units often far beyond our basic needs. Or for some, time is spent constantly thinking about food but not giving permission to enjoy it. The consumption of unhealthy foods has resulted in ill health, all too excepted today as the norm by mid-life. I believe a normal relationship with food is seeing food as fuel, enjoying it, even celebrating with it and having confidence that I can trust myself with it.

When food challenges us we often don’t know what next steps to take. Diets don’t work because restriction of food goes against our nature. What does work is a willingness to look at habits and beliefs that define our lives. The awareness of how we live our life with food is the keystone to changing unhealthy behaviors. And that awareness can positively effect our relationship with food forever.

It's my belief that every single one of us desires to be healthy but often how to do that eludes us. If you live with a chronic disease - obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease - or struggle with an eating disorder - bingeing, restricting, purging, you already know having a healthy relationship with food is essential to improving your health and your happiness.

It would be my pleasure to work with you, to educate and support you and to help you meet your goals to better health.

- Paige