Using a positive approach through health empowerment, Paige Reddan provides individual nutrition counseling.


Paige Reddan MS RD LN CEDRD-S

Paige’s Approach

I decided to become a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist wanting to help people come to terms with their relationship with food. As is often the case, we are drawn to the very thing we need help with the most. I discovered MY relationship with food needed work before I could help anyone else.

I grew up in and through the eyes of the diet culture. I developed an eating disorder at a time when no one talked about it. I discovered that the relationship I had with food was directly related to my relationship with my body and both relationships needed a lot of repair.

I studied the human body, its needs based in science and compared that to the voice of the diet industry.  No wonder I was confused.

Food had become anything but a basic human need for me. It was comfort, control, pacifier, antagonizer, best friend, worst enemy, reward and punishment. A very complex relationship indeed. And I happen to have Type 1 diabetes living happily on insulin pump CGM therapy.

Today, many years later, I have found peace with food. I take care of my body and I appreciate the work it does to keep me healthy, alert, and strong.

It would be my pleasure to meet you, share my learnings and develop a plan with you to set you on your way to food and body freedom.

– Paige 

Do you have a question or would you like to schedule an appointment?  

Please send a message to Paige via email or call 406-579-9182.

Nutrition Counseling Topics 

Nutrition Counseling Sessions

Insurance Coverage Information

Contact Information

14 South Wilson Avenue
Bozeman, MT 59715

406-579-9182 cell 

Nutrition Counseling Topics 

I provide complete nutrition counseling for individuals including those seeking assistance with:

Disordered Eating – Making since of messages fed to us by the diet/fitness/wellness industries

Eating Disorders – When disordered eating takes over brain, body and mind

Prediabetes – Managing food and physical activity to improve glucose control

Diabetes – Managing food, glucose, monitoring (including CGM), medication and insulin therapies (including pumps) to prevent complications

Menopause – Untangling food, hormones and body weight

Weight Loss and Weight Gain – Common struggles with different approaches

Allergies, Intolerances, IBS – Listening to your gut, literally

Plant-based Eating – Taken seriously while facing the challenges

Nutrition Sessions

Our first session is generally 60-75 minutes as I get a full nutrition history from you. We can meet in my office or via telehealth. Follow up sessions are generally 50 minutes.  The number of follow up sessions are determined together as we work through your short and long term goals.

Insurance Coverage for Nutrition Counseling (Medical Nutrition Therapy)

Transforming Nutrition Care (Lisa Paige Reddan) is IN NETWORK with all major insurance providers. Blue Cross, Allegiance, Cigna, Aetna, United Healthcare, Pacific Source and Mountain Health Co-op.  We will submit claims to your insurance provider after every session. Depending on your policy  you may or may not owe a copay or a portion applied to your deductable. If you have no nutrition coverage in your policy we are willing to reduce the fee to provide you with the support you are seeking.

It is recommended that you call insurance ahead of time and ask “how many nutrition counseling sessions does my policy provide” and we can plan accordingly.

If they need a CPT Code they are 97802 and 97803.

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